Thursday, September 5, 2013

Popping Adjectives

My students were "popping" with joy with this adjective activity. Language skills can be fun, engaging, and interactive. I hooked the students about learning through the use of popcorn. We used our fives senses to brainstorm descriptive words. Yes...we did a little taste testing first. :) After eating the popcorn, thinking of adjectives was a piece of cake for my kiddos. In addition, they constructed popcorn boxes flowing with adjectives that described their popcorn. Their beautiful popcorn boxes add a lovely touch to my circus themed classroom.

Also, it is very important that all students be able to transfer one skill to another subject area. Well my smart cookies wanted to describe their Fudge-a-Mania characters.

They did a terrific job!
Check it out!

All in all, I am "popping" with excitement with all the learning going in my classroom.
My 2nd graders are beyond great!

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