Friday, May 31, 2013

Tidbits From This Week: 05/31/13

Happy Friday! I have been super busy this week with post planning. Records, Cleaning, Meetings...Oh My! All done now.

It wasn't all work this week. A few fun things did happen this week that I have to share. I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Time to share a few favorite things from this week.


1. Faculty Wide Water Gun Fight
I work at the best school ever. When someone said water gun fight on Monday I was so excited. However, I had to go shopping for a water gun. Thankfully, my boyfriend was a help in that department (So Sweet). Here is a picture of me and my teacher BFF Morgan. I believe we were ready! :)

Water Balloons! Water Guns! Buckets! Let's just say we were all drenched by the end of it all. We had a blast!

2. Gifted Certified took a year but I'm done with classes. Yes! I'm officially a gifted certified teacher. I've learned so much and truly enjoyed it. Advocate for Gifted Learners.:)

3. Writing Journals for Next Year
I'm excited to be team teaching next year. I will be teaching Reading, ELA, and Writing. Therefore, I got a jumpstart on journals this week for next year. (Such a planner!) I made these weekly journals one night this week at home as a supplement for Writing to Win. Yes...I love to make worksheets during my free time! (Thanks Mom! She's awesome at layout and design!) I'm already excited about next year. I plan on working on Grab and Go Language Centers next week.

4. Etsy Shopping
I adore Therefore, I did a little Etsy shopping and window shopping this week. One thing that really caught my eye that I will be ordering tonight is the Lock Smock for my classroom door. I heard about it through Amy Lemon's Blog "Step into Second Grade. It gives teachers peace of mind during a lock down situation and it's cute. Check it out! :)

5. Study Stack
Who doesn't like a website that enhances of the learning of students? I was introduced this week to the website Study Stack. (Thanks Nicholson!! She always has great Tech ideas.). On Study Stack, you can create your own flashcards and students can practice vocabulary, sight words, weekly story questions, language skills, and so much more online. I am very excited about using this next year.

Well that really sums up my week. I plan on relaxing this weekend, continue looking for great ideas for next year's class, and enjoying friends. :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day! I am completely enjoying my day off and remembering the brave ones who fight for our country everyday.

Can't believe another school year has come and gone.  Friday was my lovely students last day. We had so much fun. When they came into the classroom, this what they found on their desk. A little gift from me. :)

-Ziploc Bag Full of Colorful Goldfish
-Note: You're O-FISH-Ally 1 Year Smarter
-Permanent Marker
-Beach Ball
We had a Beach Ball Signing Party! What Fun! Each student blew up their beach ball and went around the room gathering signatures from their friends. They loved it. Of course I had to get in on the fun. I left a sweet message on each beach ball of my students. :)
Mariah and Maria...such joys to have!!!
After our Beach Ball Signing Party, we went to the gym and enjoyed listening the 5th grade Music Program. It had a Wizard of Oz Theme. The 5th grade costumes were too cute! Later, my students went to specials and when they returned they found another lovely gift from me! Yay! :)
Personalized Sand Buckets For Summer Fun
-Sand Bucket
-Letter to Parents
Teaching and Tapas 2nd Grade Summer Review Packet is a must have! Great Review of all 2nd grade standard! Students can't say they are bored this summer. Parents can just whip out this lovely packet. I know...I students can thank me later. ;)

Here is a close up. My teacher BFF Ms. Corbitt's daughter did lettering on the buckets. I believe she did a fabulous job! My students loved their buckets. We ended the day with a party complete with pizza and any other junk food you can imagine. I will miss my kiddos but I know they will do great in 3rd grade. Now as for tomorrow, I shall begin post planning. Packing up my room and completing records here I come!



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Line Plots Anyone?

The students have really enjoyed learning about line plots...especially with starburst jellybeans.

The students were placed in groups of 5.

Each group was given a bag of jellybeans. They were instructed to sort the jellybeans by color

Next, they plotted each color.

Last, after plotting points was completed, they returned to their seats and created a word problem. They use data from line plotting to create the problem and they illustrated it.

They did a great job!

2nd Grade Egg Hunt

We had so much taking a break from the classroom and having a good old-fashion egg hunt.  It was over before we knew it. I think we counted over 400 eggs!

Science Fair Project Fun

We had so much fun conducting our Science Fair Project. We wanted to see if our class pet "Squirt",a red-eared slider turtle, was quicker in the morning or in the afternoon. Check out these the photos of us preparing our poster for the science fair!

Our Character Pumpkin - 3rd Place

Better late than never! Here is a picture of our Character Pumpkin. We received 3rd Place during Fall Festival! I have such talented students!

Book: "Where's My Mummy?"

Celebrating Christmas in the Classroom

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas in the classroom. We pretended to be elves, made cookies, and decorated trees in the hallway.

Also, each student received nameplates from me as Christmas gifts. The students had to complete an adjective activity where their classmates came up with diiferent adjectives to describe them. I turned their learning activity into Christmas gifts. It turned out really cute!
They loved it!

Our 2nd Grade Program at TCE!

We had so much fun preparing for the 2nd grade program. Our class theme was rock and roll. We rocked it out!

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