Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dictionary Detectives

Who knew learning about dictionary skills could be so much fun? This 2nd grade class enjoyed being detectives for the day. As every good detective knows, one must use their clues to find what one is looking for. To find their words in the dictionary, my students used their clues (alphabetical order and guide words) like any great detective would do. They found searching for words a challenge at first. However, they soon realized if they used the BIG clue (guide words), they will DISCOVER the word. Lets just say I have some great little detectives because they found ALL of the words. YAY!

My Little Detectives...
Searched for words in the dictionary.
Wrote down the page number.
Wrote down the guide words.
Wrote the definitions.
Illustrated the words.

Such Great Detective Work Going on in 2nd Grade! 

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