Monday, August 26, 2013

Making Reading and Writing Engaging in a 2nd Grade Classroom

My 2nd graders are learning that reading and writing can be fun. It just takes a bit of an imagination. Each week we practice fluency, read our story of the week (Open Court Series), read our extended text from the Common Core (Fudge-a-Mania), and write in our journals. It's a lot...but we have fun doing it! Here are few things we do during the week:

For Fluency, we use fluency phones with our story of week. It is a great tool to use for independent reading time. I made my own fluency phones this summer for each student.
(Pinterest-Inspired and Worth Making)

For Reading, we read our seats, on our desks, under our desks, and on the floor. Hopefully, we can take advantage of a pretty day and read outside soon.


For Journal Time, we stretch out on the floor and write our 4 Star papers. I can honestly say I have some wonderful writers with great stories to tell.

To reinforce Fluency, students use iPads to record their journal responses on the App Tellagami. Within Tellagami, they get to create their own Avatar, record their responses, and play them back. Students are able to self-correct and enhance their story with this wonderful App. Did I mention the App is free?!?

Here is an example. One of my students responded to the Fudge-a-Mania Chapter 8 Journal Prompt: Write about your favorite mood. Provide examples of things that cause you to be in a particular mood. Isn't it great? My students love Tellagami! Check it out!

Well that's how reading and writing in done in this 2nd grade classroom. I'm always on the hunt for new ideas to make reading and writing more fun.

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