Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Importance of Student Feedback & Classroom Data

As I go through graduate school completely online, I'm constantly checking online to see what I received on my assignment. I love the immediate feedback offered through online learning. Just as I like immediate feedback, my students love to know how they did as well. "Good job" doesn't suffice for our 21st century learners. They want to know what they did a good job on and why. I've set up the following bulletin board in my classroom.
 It offers immediate feedback on different classroom assignments. I use sticky notes to leave commentary on some of the work. The students really love this wall. They told me it's okay if they don't take their work home right away. They're just excited that they made it to "The Wall" as they call it.

Furthermore, data does the talking in every classroom. Data tells when to accelerate or remediate work within all aspects of learning. Why not display classroom data and set classroom goals?  With this bulletin board, I've done just that.

At the beginning of the school year, we set the goals for classroom learning

Classroom Fluency Goal: We will meet our fluency goal on the "Cold Read" each week. Students read a passage for 1 minute and words per minute are calculated after the timer chimes. Our fluency goal goes up each week. This past week's fluency goal was 46 words per minute. How about everyone in class met the goal! YAY! Pushing for the same achievement next week.

Classroom Practice CRCT Comprehension Goal: We will earn an 80% or higher on our Practice CRCT passage each week. Students are to read a story passage and answer 10 comprehension questions about the passage. This is quite a feat for them because going back and looking for the answer seems challenging for some. During week 1, I guided the assessments which boosted the data.  The blue sticky notes states that for viewers. Now the real work begins for my students. We set our expectations high at Taylors Creek and I know we will reach our goals.

After goals are set, we set to doing our best in all aspects of learning. At the end of the week, I highlight the number of students who have met the goal. The students love it and are trying very hard to complete their goals. Each student knows we are depending on each other to reach goals therefore each child tries their best for the team. The Classroom Data board is a great team builder and helps me differentiate instruction. I pull students during morning work who need extra help in a certain skill. Also, another great aspect of the Classroom Data board is who met their goal is anonymous. I only count the students who met the goal and go to highlighting when the students are gone for the day. Well that's how I do student feedback and classroom data! Enjoy! :)  

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