Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering September the 11th by Honoring Local Heroes

Today is a day that we all will never forget, September the 11th (Patriot Day). What a sensitive subject to tackle with 2nd graders. Being that it is very difficult to find materials that is age appropriate, I want to share with you what I did in my classroom for Patriot Day.

On Tuesday, we watched the Brainpop September the 11th video. Being in a military town, my students were able to quickly make the connection of the importance of their parents serving in the military. Our discussions led to our local heroes,firefighters, police officers, military, and how they keep us safe daily.

The students were so excited when I told them we would be writing letters to our local heroes and making "Hero Snack Baskets" to show our appreciation. Being that I team teach with Mrs. Corbitt from Mrs. Corbitt's Cool Kids, I had the split the letter writing up between classes. Being the reading, writing, and language teacher, it was much easier that way. My homeroom class wrote letters and prepared baskets for the firefighters. Mrs. Corbitt's homeroom class wrote letters and prepared baskets for the police officers. We all wrote letters to the soldiers which will be posted later...those letters will be sent home! :)

First, we wrote out letters and drew pictures for our heroes. I got this cute "Thank You 9/11" packet from Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures. (The packet is wonderful and worth checking out.) My kiddos did a wonderful job writing letters and drawing pictures.

Their drawings are out of this world!
They really wanted to honor our heroes by doing their best.

Next, we filled our "Hero Snack Baskets" today. I sent a letter home prior to the activity about bringing in snacks for our local heroes. Let's just say our "basket" turned into a crate because our appreciation for our local heroes was amazing. :) We each took a turn signing the "basket," even our principal, assistant principal, and curriculum  coordinator got in on the action.! We completed our book of letters and snack basket before we knew it. Look at the excitement!

Next, we recorded videos on the iPads stating why we are thankful for our local heroes. Check out a few!

Thank You Firefighters
Thank You Police Officers
Last, it was time to deliver our letters and "Hero Snack Baskets" but not before a quick video of appreciation. Check us out! The police officers and fire fighters viewed these and loved them!

After all the kiddos were safely home, Mrs. Corbitt and I made special deliveries to the fire station and police station. We brought all the letters and "Hero Snack Baskets" for our local heroes. The fire station and police station were very appreciative and loved it. Here is a picture of our afternoon visit to the two stations.

September the 11th is a day that will never be forgotten.
We are very fortunate for our heroes that watch over us daily.   


  1. This was such a cool activity! I think your students really benefited from thinking about our heros!! Love the videos too!!

  2. Thanks Mary! They really enjoyed your visit yesterday. :)

  3. What an amazing way for your students to learn who real heroes are! Thanks for sharing!!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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