Sunday, August 11, 2013

Convocation & Blogger Exchange

Wow! I made it through my first week of school! From Convocation to the 1st Day of School, I was rather busy this past week. Convocation was a real treat. I loved being able to see everyone getting excited about the upcoming school year. Look at us...full of spirit at TCE!!!

Also, this week I am linking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue. About a month ago I signed up to be a part of the Blogger Exchange.
Participants were paired up and emailed some information about their partner's favorite things, and the teachers were set loose to shop for their partners. Packages have been arriving on doorsteps all over the country and bloggers are linking up to share their goodies!

I was beyond excited to be apart of the exchange with fellow teachers from all over the country. My package came in while I was away on vacation. Therefore, it was a nice surprise when I finally came home. It came from the lovely Jamie from Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie. It came in this black basket with red and white ribbon (of matches my circus theme classroom). Inside the basket I found so many goodies (Pens, Markers, Gum, Stickers, Treats, and Much More!!!).
Look for yourself. She did a great job!!

The funny thing is I was her blogger exchange partner and she was mine. Hop on over to Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie to see what I got her. I had fun shopping for Jamie!!!

Well, tomorrow starts my first full week with my kiddos. I enjoyed getting to know them last week and looking forward to seeing their smiling faces again tomorrow. :)

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