Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Those Angry VERBS w/ FREEBIE Worksheet

Well it's that time of year again...time to teach nouns. Well my absolute favorite way to reintroduce verbs to 2nd graders is using Angry Birds (considering verbs were introduced to them in 1st grade). I saw the idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it.

I opened the lesson up by reading: To Root, to Toot, Parachute: What is a verb?
This book is awesome. My kiddos were completely engaged during this book. The illustrations are great and it makes verbs real to each student.

After a class discussion about verbs, I decided each student earned their time to play Angry Birds on the iPads. They were so excited. They had one guideline: Tell the teacher what verbs are used during the game. However, they could not use the fly or flew (Too easy).

Next, they were instructed to complete their Angry Verb worksheet. Directions consisted of:
-Define a verb.
-Write one sentence stating what the Angry Bird did.
-Highlight the verb in the sentence.
-Color the Angry Bird.

Last, early finisher got on Study Island on the iPad and completed a verb review assignment that I posted.

Check Out These Angry VERBS!!!!

Like the worksheets? Well I made it one afternoon and feel free to grab it up and use it with your kiddos. Coloring Page HERE! Construction Paper Add-ons HERE!

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