Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TCE 2nd Graders Visit Hinesville Fire Department

There's nothing like a taking a field trip in the middle of the week!! WooHoo! Well after celebrating Fire Prevention Month in October, we decided to take a visit to the Hinesville Fire Department.
Check out our photos below and see all the fun we had.

Who ever said bus rides have to be boring!?! They've never been in Ms. Pitts' class. We had the best bus driver ever! He turned on Kids Bops for us to listen to on the way to the Fire Station and we of course sang all the way there. The bus ride was over before we knew it and was beyond awesome!

We finally arrived and the Hinesville Fire Station Tour began. We took a tour of the station. My students really like seeing where firefighters ate, slept, and relaxed before a fire call. They were full of questions. After touring the station, we got to check out the trucks. Each student even got to walk through the fire truck.

How about we even got to see the pole they take from the kitchen to get to the fire trucks in a hurry! My kiddos thought that was sooooo cool! I thought it was pretty cool too. I couldn't believe they still do that. :)

Well that wraps up our Hinesville Fire Station visit! We are so thankful that our local heroes took the time to visit with us! Our community involvement is out of sight! :)

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