Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Love Sparky the Fire Dog...and the Free App!

As we all know, Fire Prevention Month is in October. We had so much fun learning about Fire Prevention today. We started today's lesson by listening to Sparky's Birthday Surprise on the iPad.

Did I mention the app is FREE? Yes...FREE. Also, it comes with a story, music video, games, and much more! It is worth checking out. It had my students engaged the entire time. After the story and a few games on the iPad with Sparky, we started on our Fire Prevention worksheets. Made by Clever Classroom, these worksheets were adorable. Grab them up here.

Last, we even had a special guest today, a firefighter. My boyfriend is a firefighter so he came out and helped me today with my lesson. The kiddos were able to try on his gear and ask him questions about firefighting. They loved it! He even bought them goodies, hats and coloring books. Check out these awesome pictures! We had too much fun today!

We are truly fired up about learning!
What a day!


  1. Looks like the class had a blast. They look really cute in the oversized fireman outfit!!!


  2. Oh I miss the fire fighters visiting! They visit our young grades and we get left out! :( Thanks for sharing the app...I love a free one!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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