Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day! I am completely enjoying my day off and remembering the brave ones who fight for our country everyday.

Can't believe another school year has come and gone.  Friday was my lovely students last day. We had so much fun. When they came into the classroom, this what they found on their desk. A little gift from me. :)

-Ziploc Bag Full of Colorful Goldfish
-Note: You're O-FISH-Ally 1 Year Smarter
-Permanent Marker
-Beach Ball
We had a Beach Ball Signing Party! What Fun! Each student blew up their beach ball and went around the room gathering signatures from their friends. They loved it. Of course I had to get in on the fun. I left a sweet message on each beach ball of my students. :)
Mariah and Maria...such joys to have!!!
After our Beach Ball Signing Party, we went to the gym and enjoyed listening the 5th grade Music Program. It had a Wizard of Oz Theme. The 5th grade costumes were too cute! Later, my students went to specials and when they returned they found another lovely gift from me! Yay! :)
Personalized Sand Buckets For Summer Fun
-Sand Bucket
-Letter to Parents
Teaching and Tapas 2nd Grade Summer Review Packet is a must have! Great Review of all 2nd grade standard! Students can't say they are bored this summer. Parents can just whip out this lovely packet. I know...I students can thank me later. ;)

Here is a close up. My teacher BFF Ms. Corbitt's daughter did lettering on the buckets. I believe she did a fabulous job! My students loved their buckets. We ended the day with a party complete with pizza and any other junk food you can imagine. I will miss my kiddos but I know they will do great in 3rd grade. Now as for tomorrow, I shall begin post planning. Packing up my room and completing records here I come!



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